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The Branding & Packaging Diagnostic

What makes some products more attractive and better selling than others? Marketing teams work very hard to engage the consumers with their brands and this is why it is sometimes difficult to look at your brand objectively and identify certain weak points and improvement areas.

With this presentation we aim to provide a very thorough, objective and professional analysis of your brand and packaging in order to help you identify what needs to be done to make your products more attractive and how to overtake your competitors.

This custom made presentation will provide a complete analysis of your brand, range, packaging structure, design elements etc. both vs direct competition and in global context.
What should change and how, what should stay the same – the truth that no one else would dare to tell you!

How to Work with Creative Agencies: the Secrets of Successful Cooperation

A complete guide on the process – from the pitch and how to prepare the brief to selecting the winning concepts and timely execution of your project.

DOs and DONTs while working with creative people; Tips on how to chose the best partner for each particular project and how to inspire maximum creativity and focus out of any creative team

The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Packaging & Limited Editions

All you need to know for launching a successful limited edition and seasonal packaging! A complete guide with customized examples from your product categories, including tips on time-planning and choosing the best occasions according to your products,
targets and brand values

Inspiration for Successful Creation

This workshop will take you to a guided store check in supermarkets all around the world.

What are the worldwide packaging trends in your product category, how is it developing on different markets, what are the product and packaging innovations and latest launches?

The presentation provides an in-depth research and analysis of a specific product category of your choice including best practices, unsuccessful launches and learnings.
It provides inspirational ideas for innovations, new products and packagings that could be implemented on your market.

Neuromarketing and Principles of Subconscious Persuasion

How does the brain of our consumers work and how we can help them making choices to our advantage by using scientifically proven methods of subconscious persuasion?

This training explains the deep connection between psychology and marketing and the design tools that can help you create a relationship with your consumers and integrate your products into their lives. It explains how NeuroMarketing works and provides ideas and inspiration for improving the impact & efficiency of your brand.

Examples and benchmarks for successful implementation, customized approach according to your own product category.

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