Create a unique icon and Look and Feel for a product in the consumers' mind.
Establish a unique and iconic presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal consumers.

1. Enrich

We provide creative solutions that will boost your strategy and enrich the expression of your brand by visualising the brand essence and supporting the consumer promise.

2. Lead!

With leadership comes the responsibility to live up to the consumer expectations and be confident in who you are as a brand.
Understanding these expectations and building on the equity values of brands is fundamental to our process.

3. Entertain!

Expressing the story behind your brand is part of the consumer experience: to excite, to surprise and to seduce is the essence of good packaging and what we believe makes the difference.


A picture, an icon, a drawing is not only an international sign, it is also much more impactful and builds stronger interaction with the consumer.

1. Stand Out!

Lekub helps you in your semantic exploration, developing key visuals that clearly express your strengths and emphasize your key benefits in order to connect with the consumer.

2. Be irresistible!

We capture and lead consumer’s imagination by communicating your product attributes and appealing directly to their aspirations and desires through aesthetics and outstanding design.

3. Never Ending Story

Understanding the relationships consumers have built with your brand over time is paramount to how we work. By building on its heritage, we are able to maintain trust and take it forward to new horizons.


Purchasing is much more instinctive that many people think. Neuromarketing studies demonstrated how fast the final decision is taken and how consumers let their feelings guide their decisions.

1. See me!

Point of sales is an important part of the global brand communication. Lekub can adapt, interpret and extend the original concept to get the best visibility in-store.

2. Catch Me!

Displays are often underestimated, but we believe that with a good design they can create the event in-store. A key message translated into a meaningful design will reinforce the product and attract consumers.

3. Help Me!

New technologies and evolution of habits generate new opportunities. Our permanent monitoring of latest trends facilitates smart and innovative solutions.
We develop concepts to satisfy the consumer through his journey. Brands are entering into a new dimension and we are very exited to be part of this evolution.


All Brands today have a digital life. It opens amazing opportunities to reinforce the perception of the Brand (static or animated).

New perspectives

The development of digital technologies, Internet and mobile devices opened a lot of exciting new opportunities. Lekub can help you bring your brand to these new territories by occuping the digital field in a smart and meaningful way.

True love brands are those that can accompany the consumer on different supports at anytime of their day


The corporate identity is the "persona" of a your business or corporation, or the manner in which the corporation as a whole - rather than any particular product - is perceived.

Who are you?

According to the latest Neuromarketing studies the information about a brand and that of a person is stored in the very same place in the consumer's brain.
If your brand is perceived as a person, who do you want it to be? How do you want it to look, to behave, to interact with others?
It is not only about a logo, each communication tool is part of the personality of your company. Let's see how we can make it real and exciting!


The rise of digital communications gave a great opportunity to Print communication to be more surprising, more exclusive and more attractive.

Communication should be a pleasure

A good communication is a moment of pleasure, a moment that stimulates your senses, your memory, your emotions.

What makes our work worthwhile is our capacity to translate the brand equitiries into tangible and seducing concepts. We build strong key visuals and a memorable stories to establish a long-term relationship with the consumer.