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Our charity campaigns

Bringing a smile on the face of someone less priviliged than you is one of the most rewarding feelings and meaningful things one can ever do. In Lekub we truly believe that hepling those in need is the best paid job we'd ever have.

Our company is not only regularly participating in charity campaigns, but many of our employees are actively involved as volunteers in different charity initiatives.

We are proud to announce that one of the volunteer organisations that we have actively supported this year - "Friends of the Refugees" has won the prestigious award for "Human of the Year 2013" organised by the Bulgarian Helsinki Commettee.

Please check below some of the latest charity activities that we are supporting and feel free to contact us should you wish to be involved either as a company or individual in any of those.

Join Us!

Aid for Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria

Aid for Refugees in Europe

Fundraising for essential supplies

We are an international team, we work on international markets, we are part of the world's globalisation, which is why can't help but stand with the millions of people who are forced to flee their war-torn countries in attempt to save their lives and the lives of their children. 

Our team is regularly fundraising and volunteering to help refugees from different countries. We believe that there is no "them", there is only us. 

Please contact us if you wish to join our efforts for a better, more tolerant and compassionate world. 

Aid for Syrian Refugees in Bulgaria

Animal Rescue Sofia Bulgaria

Help for Stray dogs

Living on the streets, the stray dogs of Sofia are exposed to the constant risk of death or maiming by accidents, illness, starvation, abuse and disappearing in the infamous isolators of Bulgaria. In addition to a few ten thousand homeless animals, it is estimated that there are about 200,000 owned dogs in Sofia.

The number is only an estimate since pet guardians rarely register or sterilize their pets. This tendency to neglect the necessary step of spaying or neutering a new pet contributes to the growing population of homeless animals. The unsterilized pets breed, and the resulting litters are abandoned (also unsterilized) to the streets. The strays then have litters of their own, and the population of feral animals grows.

The stray cats and dogs come in all sizes, ages, and breeds, with varying levels of health. But each of these animals deserves help and a loving home because they are homeless due to human actions. Lack of education about the overpopulation problem and spay/neuter; Legal and illegal puppy mills abound;

The BSAPP and World Health Organization (WHO) recognize the need to spay or neuter every stray dog and cat in Bulgaria in order to stop the overpopulation of homeless animals.