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Katia Dimova Katia Dimova 10+years experience: previously Marketing Director of an international company with offices in London, Moscow, Sofia, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur - an experience, which enables her to better understand clients, their exact needs and restrictions when it comes to implementing major projects. She has worked as a Commercial Director / Client Service Director for Design Board Group and before that spent 5 years as Senior Client Service Manager in the advertising business. Thanks to this diverse experience in all aspects of the marketing and communications business she is able to solve complex marketing cases and provide successful strategies to clients. Katia has worked for the communications of major brands in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Some previous clients include: Kraft Foods (Mondelez), Tchibo, Pepsi - Lipton, Estrella, P&G, Ford, Panasonic, Mango Fashion Stores and many more.

Emmanuel de La Houssaye 16+years experience: previously Creative Director of Dragon Rouge and Global Creative Director of Design Board Group, he was also Art Director for Cb’a Paris and Pineapple Design Brussels. His client portfolio includes P&G, Coca Cola, Danone, Nestlé, Unilever, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo and many more, leading packaging design projects for their strongest brands in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and Afica. Now based in Bulgaria, Emmanuel has a strong experience and interest in working for the emerging Eastern European markets.

Rowland Heming 40+ year’s experience: Founder of Pineapple Design (1978 – 2008) with offices in Brussels, Paris, London, Lisbon and New York and affiliate offices in Moscow, Milan, Cincinnati, San Francisco and Toronto, later becoming Group Creative Director of Mildberry: Moscow, Milan, Brussels and London. His experience includes working for top international FMCG companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, Kraft, Pepsi-Lipton and Coca-Cola. Rowland Heming is also a founder and Past President of the EPDA (European Package Design Association). He is currently delivering speeches, trainings and Workshops throughout Europe on Packaging Design.


Creative Studio

Creative Designers selected by their ability to understand different cultures and markets and provide the right solutions to contribute to the long-term development of each brand.

Senior Artworkers experienced in pre-press and knowing inside out all techniqies and requirements to provide an impeccable document for print.

Strategic Planners developing in-depth category analysis, extracting the levers of profitability and setting markets trends - the people that have created the stories behind many of today's most loved brands.

Editors & Copywriters providing the right words and tone of voice for each brand - product names, sub-brands, claims, slogans and full brand vocabulary.

Photographers & Food Stylists - talented product magnifiers

Illustrators that can create powerful brand mascots, emblems and differnt brand styles.

Animation & 3D Designers developing brand animations, product simulations, pack shots and other brand dramatization tools.

Typographers specialized in enhancing the meaning of a brand by playing with shapes and colors in order to turn a brand into an icon.

Digital Designers developing websites, mobile applications and QR codes.



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