Hi there,
I am Katia founder of Lekub & managing the people running the show.
I’d rather spare you the usual corporate blurb about my careers in some of Europe’s famous Marketing and Creative agencies, how I used to work for fancy brands like Coca-Cola, P&G, Danone, Mondelez and so many more. It’s all true by the way, so if that interests you, please go ahead and visit my LinkedIn profile: Katia

What’s important for us today goes beyond the heavy titles and official presentations. We left our egos in the big corporate offices where they belong and created Lekub in 2011 to help smaller brands, startups, ethical and sustainable businesses thrive and successfully compete with the giants in their industries, to launch inspiring innovative products which challenge the status quo.

We strive to create brands with heart and soul, and we can only do that if we strongly believe in the businesses we’re working for, if we click with the people we’re working with and if we create true partnerships based on common goals, breaking the traditional toxic client-agency dynamics. We believe that work should be taken very seriously, but people should not take themselves too seriously – having fun while creating is the magic ingredient for a successful result – tested & proven with time!

Proudly location independent since 2014, we realized that constantly moving and exploring the world helps opening new creative horizons in one’s life and work alike. So, why commit to one place when it’s so easy to stay connected with our clients wherever we are?

What we do when we’re not creating phenomenal designs? We sail, we motorbike, we explore unusual places, we volunteer, we practice yoga, drink good wine and let’s be honest, most of the time we’re saving stray cats and dogs!
To find out more about our lives outside of work, visit our insta profiles.


After more than 15 years in the creative industry in Europe, we have developed a wonderful network of extremely talented and trustworthy human beings, some of which are often working on projects with us.
Others have opened their own businesses and we’re happy to work together or just to wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is visiting our website.

Here are some of our favorite creative partners:

Musa Niasi

Full stack web developper

Gergana Kostova

Artwork & Prepress

Martin Champetier de Ribes


Kris Shopov


Kris Shopov

Martina Russo

Marketing translation & localization services

Moving Words

Danielle Rae

Digital Display Experts

The Bannermen

Fabienne & Benoit

SEO Audits & Website Speed Optimization

Novo Monde

James Sanger

Sound Designer & Music Producer

Vibey Studios

Milen Petrov

Video & Movie Production

Little Big Films

Mark Rogers

Mobile Application Development

Futurist Labs

Marcela & Andra

Naming Experts


Laura Lancaster

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We support anyone who is sharing our values, so if you’re a creative agency and are willing to partner with us, contact us, let’s see how we can work together.


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