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Katia Dimova: Previously Marketing Director of a company with multiple offices worldwide, Commercial Director for Design Board Group and 5+ years as Senior Client Service Manager in the advertising business.

Thanks to this diverse experience in all aspects of the marketing and communications business she is able to solve complex marketing cases and provide successful strategies to clients.

Katia has worked for the communications of major brands in Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Some previous clients include: Kraft Foods (Mondelez), Tchibo, Pepsi - Lipton, Estrella, P&G, Ford, Panasonic, Mango Fashion Stores and many more.

Emmanuel de La Houssaye: Previous jobs include Creative Director of Dragon Rouge Paris and Global Creative Director of Design Board Group, responsible for the offices in Paris, Geneva, Sofia and Cairo. He also worked as an Art Director for Cb’a Paris and Pineapple Design in Brussels.
His client portfolio includes Coca Cola, Danone, Nestlé (Vevey), Unilever, Kraft Foods (Paris & Zürich), PepsiCo, United Biscuits, Henkel, P&G and many more. He has been leading Brands and packaging global design projects in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and Africa.
Currently based in Eastern Europe Emmanuel is also constantly traveling to discover new trends, new product usages, new consumer habits, creative talents and innovative brand visions.



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About Us

About Us:

"Workıng with Lekub is not only achıeving your business needs but going on a busines journey full of creativity, fun and satisfaction!"

"Lekub is good at understanding the strategic purposes of each project and always provide fast & adequate solutions "

"Research clearly showed that the new design (by Leküb) achieved our three major purposes"

"A creative paradigm of digital content, combining product and brand values with consumer insights. Well done Lekub!"

"We have been very impressed by Lekub's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a new brand identity and new design architecture that perfectly fits our brand's needs. Lekub is more than an agency, they are our long term partner."

"Lekub is a very fast, creative, reliable agency, and also fun and pleasure to work with!"

"We found with LEKUB a team of professionals who supported us and guided us.
We enjoyed their new look at our activities and their different innovative proposals."

"Lekub is a strategic creative partner. Their team helped us to increase the value of our Brand Portfolio and clarify our different offers."

"Lekub is a strong and reliable creative partner."




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