Creative Thinking

Tailor made Designs, exclusive services for demanding clients.

What we do?


New Frontiers

Through benchmarking and trend analysis we allow both our clients and our designers to explore new frontiers and develop ideas that can surprise and delight consumers.


Pulling Focus

Being present in focus groups allows us to test strategic concept approaches and key visuals, making on-the-spot design adjustments that answer consumer’s comments & desires and reach effective end-results expediently.


Following Through

Great design work requires great follow through to develop new technical innovations and get the very best results. Attention to detail and supplier liaisons are essential to turning a great idea into a successful package.


Team Work

Lekub works in partnership with your marketing and production teams to help the projects move forward efficiently. We offer various trainings in design and design management that will help foster a greater understanding and process efficiencies.


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