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Talented & Experienced Team

We bring marketing & strategic thinking experts, integrated with an experienced design & production team, all with international experience in the FMCG market.

Strategic Creative Design

By integrating market knowledge and innovative thinking, we create new perspectives that lead to design solutions matching strategic goals and offering great creativity.

Visible & Efficient Results

We know that to be successful our design work has to actually work in the marketplace, this is why we always like to work closely with clients through testing phases in order to ensure the most efficient and effective results are achieved.

Creative Works

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03Dec 2013

Brand Mascots and Visual Communication

The great thing about brand mascots is that they visualise a brand’s character, its benefits and need no explanation to be understood. Whatever language you speak, they create a visual and emotional connection, and are able to communicate in a way that can be positive and endearing, by relating to the viewer in seconds!


23Oct 2013

Why Paper Packaging Sells

In this second paper on the role of packaging design in the branding process, I continue to explore what would happen if the packaging designer was given a more important role in design development, and rather than being treated simply as an outside supplier, and instead, was asked to be a part of the total process from the very beginning.

23Oct 2013

What can a packaging designer teach a brand owner?

Brand owners often use packaging designers to work on their packaging communication, and when they do, they mostly see the designer as an exterior (and inferior), supplier, called in to answer an already established brief and to execute specific pre-set tasks.

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«Research showed that it was clear that the new design had accomplished three major achievements»

Konstantin TamirovBrand Director Sun InBev Russia


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Emmanuel de La Houssaye

Emmanuel de La HoussayeCreative Director, Partner

Motto: Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. Charles Mingus